Mount Shipping's offers very fast & reliable service for custom clearance at Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi for both imports and export. 24/7, We also offer delivery services to your door step at very compatible prices.

Old Manual system of clearance (expected to be completely abolished by the end of 2007)

1. Receipt of Non Negotiable documents from clients
2. Filing of Goods declaration at the time of arrival of vessel or if goods are urgently required file Goods declaration
3. before the arrival of vessel under Section 79 of Customs Act
4. Completion of Goods declaration from Customs under normal examination procedure or automated clearance procedure whichever is applicable
5. Ask for pay orders immediately on filing of import manifest for the vessel
6. Await Pay orders and Original Shipping Documents from the clients
7. Upon receipt of the above, payment of Customs Duty and collection of Delivery order from the shipping company concerned Delivery of goods can be taken the very next day in case of FCL (Full Container Load) containers or instantly on de-stuffing of goods from container

PACCS Pakistan Customs Computerized System

New Online based system of clearance for Full Container Load (FCL) Shipments presently operational at Karachi International Container Terminal and expected to be operational in the whole of Pakistan by the year end 2007

1. Receipt of Non Negotiable documents from clients
2. Online filing of Goods declaration on the basis of either Non negotiable documents or Negotiable documents whether vessel has arrived or is expected to arrive shortly
3. Ask for pay orders immediately after lodging Goods declaration Online
4. Await Pay orders and Original Shipping Documents from the clients if not sent earlier
5. Upon receipt of the above payment of Customs Duty and collection of Delivery order from the shipping company concerned
6. Wait for release message in Inbox on the computer from Model Customs Collectorate
7. Delivery of goods can be taken the same day

Pakistan Government is moving towards an overall strategy of a corruption free society. In that regard it has developed CARE (Customs Administrative Reforms) which represents a major step forward in the way in which we deal with the increasing flow of cargo in and out of Pakistan. It would introduce expeditious clearance of cargo through:

1. Simplification of Customs procedures
2. An integrated IT system to replace the current manual and personalized system
3. A shift from present regime of 100% inspection to a selectivity criteria.
4. Hassle free working
5. Transparent procedures
6. Reduced business costs
7. One window operation
8. Non interactive clearance procedure

PACCS (Pakistan Customs Computerised System) is a key component of CARE and its benefits to businesses are:

1. Reduction in time for clearance of cargo from days to hours, even pre-clearance, if declarations filed in advance resulting in lower inventory costs as just in time inventory concept becomes applicable
2. A healthy and hassle free environment for doing business due to simplified and automated procedures. System is based on self clearance and self assessment concepts
3. Lowers the business costs due to low miscellaneous expenses
4. Better organization of the ports due to online intimation of cargo status and less port congestion due to faster ship clearance times
5. Messages would be received from customs in our inboxes e.g. receive messages for goods clearance, receive messages for hearing calls for refund cases, receive messages of document required for assessment, receive messages of securities required for provisional clearance of goods etc.
6. PACCS is completely paperless. We do not have to file any documents with customs, all our declarations are electronic and online
7. PACCS is based on self assessment. We compute and discharge our liabilities ourself without any interference from customs
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